Leading the Way


We've emerged as a leader in this space, creating and refining our curriculum over the past decade, before there were any degrees of this kind. We've introduced a dedicated one-year master's degree and a certificate program, plus we've incorporated this important work into the curriculum across other degree programs. 

Why focus on trauma? 

线上澳博知道,创伤未得到诊断、治疗不足、发病率过高,其影响无处不在. 线上澳博专门的校园研究所支持创伤知情实践的使用,并帮助个人建立复原力.

More than two-thirds of children experience trauma by age 16. —SAMHSA

We hope to influence countless issues, like systemic racism, proactive and humane law enforcement, economic equity, criminal justice, educational opportunity, and the affirmation of human dignity and mutual respect.


Social justice has been a centerpiece of our mission since our founding in 1854. By focusing on building resilience through trauma-informed practices, we're eager to make a social justice impact in education, across organizations, and in our communities.

Today's Students Need Us


线上澳博很高兴支持这个创新的新研究所,因为它正在解决种族主义和种族不平等的根源. 线上澳博看到,线上澳博app和这个研究所有巨大的潜力,可以培训教师和卫生保健专业人员,通过了解创伤的做法,培养线上澳博孩子的适应能力."

Partnering with the Community

线上澳博将Alston Wilkes协会命名为创伤知情实践(TIP)机构,因为他们广泛的培训和战略计划致力于将TIP纳入组织的关键领域. 

"We sincerely appreciate Columbia College working with us to reach this historic milestone.” —Anne Walker, CEO 

Goals of the Institute

We'll serve as a national advocate, resource, 也是运用创伤知情实践来建立复原力的典范,从而改善数千万经历过创伤的人的生活质量.

With the support of a Social Justice Fund grant from Colonial Life and its parent company Unum, Columbia College has established the I-BRTIP to focus on the following goals.

  • Offer Rigorous Graduate Programs
    为教育工作者提供相关和严格的研究生学位和证书课程,通过创伤知情实践建立韧性, social workers, and criminal justice, health care, and human resources professionals. 
  • Integrate into Undergraduate Curriculum
    Integrate trauma-informed practices into undergraduate programs of study in education, social work, criminal justice, nursing, health care, business, and the arts. 
  • Offer Continuing Ed
  • Provide Training for Organizations
    Share knowledge and teachings with business, industry, health care, and nonprofit organizations—from schools, service agencies, and law enforcement to churches, arts organizations, and advocacy groups. 
  • Promote Research 
    开展和发表有关实际应用的相关研究和创新思想,并通过建立 Trauma-Informed Practices Quarterly.
  • Model through Day-to-Day Operations
  • Serve Communities as a Central Resource
    Advocate and serve schools, organizations, and communities in ways that align with our mission of innovation, social justice, service, and leadership through a trauma-informed lens.  
SAMHSA Approach

I-BRTIP赞同药物滥用和精神健康服务管理局(SAMHSA)对创伤的定义:事件导致的个体创伤, series of events, 或者是个体经历的身体或情感上有害或威胁生命的一系列环境对个体的功能和精神有持久的不利影响, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being.  

I-BRTIP also endorses SAMHSA’s concept of a trauma-informed approach, which is grounded in a set of four assumptions and six key principles. The four assumptions: A program, organization, or system that is trauma-informed:

  1. realizes the widespread impact of trauma and understands potential paths for recovery; 
  2. recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff, and others involved with the system; 
  3. 通过将有关创伤的知识充分整合到政策、程序和实践中,以及 
  4. seeks to actively resist re-traumatization. 

The SAMHSA’s trauma-informed approach incorporates six key principles: 

  1. Safety
  2. Trustworthiness and Transparency
  3. Peer Support
  4. Collaboration and Mutuality
  5. Empowerment, Voice and Choice
  6. Cultural, Historical, and Gender Issues


Widespread Impact

There is not an area of human life that is untouched by trauma and mental health. 全国精神健康联盟(NAMI)和其他机构的研究证实,创伤的影响是精神疾病和身体疾病的主要原因. 同样,心理创伤也是青少年司法机构中许多儿童的根本原因.

医生每天都在不知不觉中应对心理健康和创伤幸存者. Medical training includes very little attention to either, aside for a single class session. In higher education and in the workforce, lingering effects of trauma emerge as obstacles to success and worse, as reasons for failure. 

Mental health and trauma are under-treated, under-diagnosed, and overrepresented in vulnerable populations of all kinds.  The LGBTQIA community, persons of color, 而且女性在心理健康状况和创伤的风险和发生方面都承受着额外的沉重负担. And of course, 它们相互交织,并因COVID-19大流行的深远和终身影响而加剧. Collectively, intersectionality, 系统性种族主义和不公正加上创伤的综合影响,增加了诊断和治疗创伤以及扩大创伤知情做法的紧迫感. 

线上澳博比以往任何时候都有更详细的研究表明创伤会改变大脑的发育, 所有这些群体的人由于发展滞后而面临社会障碍的另一种风险.  We know for instance that on a cellular level, African American women are approximately 10 years older than their chronological age.  At the cellular level, 他们背负着300多年来种族和经济压迫和歧视的创伤. 

Generational Impact

This centuries-long problem manifests in higher infant and mother mortality rates, as well as lower life expectancies of both men and women of color.  这也意味着社会中有一些成员不能充分发挥他们的最大潜力或贡献.  通过创伤知情实践建立复原力与社会正义之间有着深刻的联系.  

受压迫群体不仅比其他人更容易遭受创伤和心理健康问题, but they also carry the oppression of the past in their DNA. This follows generation after generation. Moreover, the long-term impact of trauma has already increased significantly during COVID-19, particularly among vulnerable populations. As the pandemic continues, the effects on BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and families living in poverty will only worsen. 


The name of the Institute begins with “Building Resilience,这反映了对基于优势的方法的承诺,这种方法借鉴了韧性历史的见解, the wealth of cultural assets in the midst of systemic oppression, and practices such as child positive thinking, creating a supportive school environment, building strong relationships between school and family, joining peer groups, building good relationships with neighbors and relatives, and proven strengths-based strategies such as family culture and traditions, affection, positive and open communications, daily routines, defined boundaries, and clear expectations. 


We rely on a strong leadership core within Columbia College as well as guidance from our board. We’re also excited to collaborate within our community and nationwide.

  • An Executive Director will provide leadership in program development, research, and advocacy.
  • 联合主任将代表教育部和社会工作项目监督和发展学术项目和继续教育.
  • 客座研究员将对创伤知情实践进行研究,并结合其他线上澳博的最佳实践研究.
  • 一个由国际公认的创伤知情实践领导人组成的咨询委员会将帮助指导和扩大线上澳博的影响.